P A Labouchere (1807-1873)

Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation (1517-2017)

Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

The painting was originally painted by Pierre-Antoine Labouchère in 1846.

It shows from left to right, Philip Melanchthon (1497-1560), Martin Luther (1483-1546), Johannes Bugenhagen (1485-1558), and Casper Cruciger (1504-1548) in Wittenberg. The painting portrays them in their work preparing a German translation of the Bible from the original languages. Melanchthon appears to be reading a passage of scripture while the others listen. The overhanging sheet is curled upwards which differs from the lithographic copies of the same picture.

The translation of the German Bible by Luther, Melanchthon, Bugenhagen, and Cruciger was of fundamental importance for the Protestant Reformation.

This painting is not on public display.

A handwritten note on the back of the painting wrongly attributes the painting to Louis Hersent (1777-1860).